Rebecca Dennis, international author of And Breathe, coach and workshop leader is the founder of

Based out of London and working globally as a breath coach facilitating workshops, events and retreats alongside her public speaking, she fervently believes that conscious breathwork is the ultimate key to our well-being, health and inner peace.

Rebecca has been practicing holistic and alternative therapies for over 20 years and has trained with Founder of Transformational Breath, Judith Kravitz as well as Dan Brule, Donna Fahri, Max Strom and other masters and influential teachers of breathwork, bodywork and healing modalities. On her journey with holistic practices she also has trained in coaching, anatomy and physiology, Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, Chinese medicine, reiki and shamanic healing traditions from indigenous tribes and elders.

She is continually inspired by the simple power of our breath and how it can change lives including her own. Rebecca is on a mission to teach as many people as possible to empower their lives and improve their physical and mental wellbeing with conscious breathing techniques and somatic bodywork.

Corporate Collaborations

Brand and Corporate collaborations include Google, WW, Nivea, L’Oreal, Sweaty Betty, BBC, Stylist Magazine, Renew Life who wish to bring sustainable wellness programmes for successful and healthy results.  She has worked with 1000’s of individuals and groups.


‘Working with Rebecca has been a total gamechanger and changed my life. She has taught me so much about the breath’
‘Breathing is the new yoga. This book (And Breathe by Rebecca Dennis) is a must-read’
– Vogue
‘Britain’s leading Breath Coach. She’s the woman behind the leading health trend of 2017’
– Daily Mail
‘Your platinum service will be to visit breath coach Rebecca Dennis, satisfied clients include a boxer who regained his title after improving his breathing patterns and a CEO who stopped having panic attacks’
– GQ Magazine
‘Rebecca Dennis’ Transformational Breath Retreat voted one of the best retreats in the world’
– Tatler Spa Guide.
This is the equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy’
– Dr Henry Smith-Rohrberg

Rebecca says:

“We teach our young to walk, communicate, bathe, eat and socialise, yet educating them about the healing power of their breath is not a priority. I would like to see this change and want to encourage people to be aware of their breath and share the multitude of wonderful benefits that emerge from breathing consciously. How we breathe is indicative of how we can feel more connected and feel about life. Breath is our medicine, it’s our anchor.

Our breath correlates with every emotion, experience and thought. We all have a story and our breath pattern shows that. Often we are holding onto unhealthy breathing patterns and by connecting to our breath we can let them go, clear restrictions, feel more empowered and find emotional freedom.”
During her 20 year career in the media and entertainment world she was always fascinated with the body, energy work and how we can heal ourselves. She studied massage, anatomy and physiology which led her to reiki, yoga, energy and shamanic work.

“The breath is so integral to our wellbeing. I love and feel so passionately about sharing this work with people. Having this opportunity to work with clients on such a deep level and helping them to break free from health issues, anxiety, depression, stress and trauma makes me so grateful. We all have a story and our breath pattern shows that. By breathing fully we can live life fully, find emotional freedom and feel empowered.”

This cutting edge breath work continues to show her it is the ultimate key to our wellbeing, health and inner peace.

She has a strong intuition and a gentle approach when working with people. It is important to her that her clients feel at ease whilst coaching the body to remember rather than introducing new ways. Her wealth of experience in bodywork and healing has given her a great understanding of the body and where emotion, issues, trauma and tension is held.

Transformational Breath is accredited by the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

Transformational Breath Foundation UK has been awarded ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine.