Breathing Tree Corporate Workshops and Brand Collaborations

Rebecca Dennis is the founder of with her practice in London and teaches at retreats and events around the world.

Rebecca and her Breathing Tree team love to collaborate with corporates and brands such as the BBC, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, Stylist Magazine, This Morning, Nivea, L’Oreal, WW and Sweaty Betty and Women’s Health.

We constantly hear about the benefits of a regular meditation practice, but for some of us, it seems like a lot of effort to learn that skill when our days are already overloaded. But the foundation of any meditation practice is tuning into, and working with, the breath.

Conscious breathwork is a powerful key to our health, wellbeing and inner peace. You don’t need any special clothing or equipment so you can do these exercises individually or in combination any time you feel you need a quick boost; whether that’s to focus your mind on the day ahead or to give you an extra injection of energy.

Brand Collaborations

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What is conscious breathwork?

Put simply, it’s learning how to use the full capacity of our natural breathing system given to help us feel more energized, lighter, positive, calmer and clearer. We had this innate skill as babies, but, due to modern lifestyles and pressures, by adulthood we’re probably using just a third of our respiratory system.

Breathe and reducing stress

Is stress a thought, a feeling or an emotion? It can be all three – and a real energy sapper. Instead of being able to use our energy in a positive way, our body uses it to fight the perceived threat – the stress.

When we are feeling anxious or stressed our body can go into flight or fight mode – this burns up a lot of energy. A relaxed state is a much normal, healthier way for us to function, and it helps to keep all our systems in their natural rhythms working alongside each other. Using conscious breathing we can reduce stress, and so improving our mood, elevating the levels of serotonin and endorphins.