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Journey to Being: Through Breath, Movement, and Sound with Rebecca Dennis, Jambo Truong and Michele Barocchi

SATURDAY MAY 25th:  2pm – 9pm & SUNDAY MAY 26th: 2pm – 8pm

A Transformational weekend led by highly trained facilitators, Jambo Truong, Rebecca Dennis & Michele Barocchi. Within this unique event and collaboration, we will be showing you how to set your own pillars of protection to enable a safe navigation for deep healing. Using the modalities that we share, you can gather tools that are right for you as you prepare, go deep, integrate your unfolding and return to wholeness.

Most of us have experienced mental, emotional or physical trauma on some level, which can restrict our breathing and capacity to feel. The resulting body armouring and muscular tension can endure and manifest over the years. By consciously integrating trauma through a combination of somatic techniques, sound, movement, bodywork, meditation and ceremony participants will gain a greater sense of connection, embodiment, expansion and freedom in their every day lives.

On this transformative weekend, as a collective, we will create a safe environment for you to explore, connect and let go of the armour that is keeping you from living fully.

You will be guided each day through experiences that free your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. Learn about your own unique breathing pattern and how it affects your life. Work with your intentions to create change in your life. Leave with tools and support to continue your experience on this transformative path.

By exploring techniques through breath, yoga, bodywork, sound & ceremony, you will:

  • Learn to reclaim your body and be in the present moment;
  • Learn about your breath patterns and explore techniques to transform them, through movement, sound and body work;
  • See how emotions get stuck in the body and learn about the scientific evidence and research that supports how the nervous system and breath respond to trauma.
  • As a collective, we will create Ceremonies to hold you and the group in a safe and nurturing space.
  • You will experience the difference between practicing “thinking mode versus feeling mode” and learn effective ways to strengthen your ability to hold attention and discern deeper levels of feeling.
  • Make choices, take action, and create your own rhythm so that the magic of Life can support you.

This weekend is limited in numbers so please book early


EARLY BIRD £275 (Book before March 1st)

The Team


Jambo is a multi-disciplinary practitioner with a degree in Complementary Medicine and post-graduate education in East Asian Medicine & Ayurveda.

He is one of the few chosen Guardians, personally invited by Ana Forrest to hold the legacy of Forrest Yoga. He is a neuro-muscular Bodyworker and has created his own system of understanding muscle testing. He has co-created an internationally high in demand Yoga Bodyworkers program that also brings in the concepts of fascia and tensegrity. Jambo has been involved in research around Well-Being & Complexities Studies with University Northumbria, Newcastle Upon Tyne & Cape Town.

In between travelling and teaching internationally, he can often be found reading the latest research relating to yoga and movement. He has spent the past 16 years specialising in addiction, trauma and chronic pain.


International author of And Breathe, leading UK breath coach, public speaker and workshop leader, Rebecca Dennis is the founder of www.breathingtree.co.uk with her practice in London and teaches at retreats and events around the world. She discovered breathwork ten years ago after studying for many years, physiology, anatomy, somatic bodywork, massage and other therapeutic and energy techniques. She has since been continually inspired by the simple power of our breath and how it can change lives including her own. She studied cutting edge technique, Transformational Breath with founder Judith Kravitz and has worked with other influential trainers such as Max Strom, Donna Fahri, Jambo Dragon and Anna Forrest in breathwork and healing modalities worldwide. Since discovering Transformational Breath she has trained in coaching and other healing practices with the Eagle Condor Council, Shamanic practitioners and Amazonian tribes learning the Inka traditions and Andean ways. She continues to enthusiastically dedicate her work to breathwork and healing.


Michèle Anne Barocchi received her Masters in Public Health and PhD in Infectious Diseases and Immunity from University of California, Berkeley in 2003. During her doctoral studies she discovered Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in a small studio in the Haight District in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter she moved to Europe and founded It’s Yoga in Florence, Italy where she has been teaching Yoga (as an Ambassador for It’s Yoga International) for the past 16 years. Michèle also worked in pediatric infectious disease research as a scientist in a Biotech company from 2004-2015, publishing over 45 peer reviewed articles.

In August of 2015 Michèle was in a nearly fatal accident, her left leg amputated by an oncoming car. Her journey in yoga and life has deepened with this transformative experience. She continues to teach and study internationally. Since her event, she has been trained in the Vedic Mantra tradition, as a certified Vedic Chanting Teacher, with Menaka Desikachar (in the Krishnamacharya lineage), as well as working in healing practices with Peruvian Q’ero’s and Amazonian tribes. She is dedicated to bringing a combination of these practice of yoga and sound and healing to people who have experience severe trauma. In 2017, she discovered Transformational Breath with Rebecca Dennis and is currently in training to become a certified Facilitator.


Alice Holmes is a Doctor (GP) and yoga teacher in Bristol.

She enjoys the challenge of trying to persuade the medical profession that they need more yoga in their life, and has pioneered projects around wellbeing and resilience with medical students.

Through her own journey Alice has become conscious of the importance of honouring the body as well as the mind. By utilising an embodied approach we can explore the hidden depths, wisdom, joy, pain and sanctuary that our bodies hold. She combines her medical practice with Eastern approaches such as Yoga to facilitate integrated healing in her students and patients.

She passionately believes that every individual has the capacity to heal from their own trauma and pain, and does this by facilitating a safe, loving, compassionate and nourishing space for her students to move further into their potential along their healing journey, wherever they are