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A Deep Healing Experience Through Breath, Movement, Space and Flow.

Luxurious Transformational Breath and Yoga 6 Day Retreat
24th – 29th February 2020

Step out of the busy pace of life, and into this corner of paradise and breath-taking natural beauty, warm balmy evenings, a cool breeze and clear blue seas. October is the time for Humpback whales and their young to be spotted in the bay and the legendary Carmine Bee-eaters to arrive. Let the waves wash over you at this inspiring, secluded and peaceful retreat this October. Feel yourself held in a restorative and healing space, at the beautiful Kusini House, allowing you time to connect to your breath and awaken your mind and body.

Journey to Stillness has exclusive use of the retreat and we are keeping the numbers really small to provide everyone a lot of one on one individual attention and space for themselves. Give yourself the gift of this time just for you.

Our daily practices will include yoga, breathwork, bodywork and meditation to allow us to go into deeper states of relaxation and bring clarity, reflection and inspiration. A perfect space to detox the mind and body and discover everyday life tools to stay calm, centered, present and focussed.

Many of us live at a fast pace of life, even when we think we are relaxing our minds, they are often over stimulated, our bodies have not evolved to catch up with this pace of life and many of us find stillness elusive. We find it hard to calm the mind with no distractions and often feel there is not enough time to do everything.

This retreat has been lovingly designed to give you space – to BE, to reflect, to heal, rest and experience stillness and flow.
In between the yoga and breathing sessions you can immerse yourself in this area of breath-taking natural beauty, enjoy deep massages, sea swims and dolphin spotting. Meals are prepared by our in-house chef and are all freshly made each day.

The Accommodation

Kusini, a luxury private home, lies on the most remote side of the island of Lamu. It is reached by boat from the nearest airport, and to note, there are no cars on the island itself. Kusini is entirely run on solar power and two wells on the property provide ample and drinkable water. A garden in the sand supplies as much seasonal vegetables as possible, without the use of pesticides, and fish is caught daily and brought directly to the house from the passing fishermen in their traditional wooden Dhows.

Kusini offers 5 luxurious bedrooms, 2 beachside bandas with twin beds, communal dining areas with ocean views, a freshwater pool surrounded by frangipani trees and multiple lounging spaces. Being fully staffed to cater for all your needs, Kusini is able to provide guests with the rare opportunity of experiencing a truly off-grid lifestyle whilst benefiting from luxury settings.

Each bedroom features an en suite and private veranda with either ocean views or views of the pool. All rooms are fitted with ceiling fans and mosquito nets. Guests benefit from a daily room service, together with a complimentary laundry service.

The Food

Positioned on an island, Kusini strives to source all non-perishable food as locally as possible. What vegetables can’t be grown on the property are sourced from the local market, and fish is caught daily by the local fisherman.

All meals are prepared fresh each day, and vary depending on availability. The local chef specialises in sea food given the local way of island life, however Kusini can also cater for vegetarians, and will do their best to accommodate any allergies.

Dishes vary from European cuisine to more local traditional Swahili influences. All meals are served on the second and third floor, with the ocean in full view. All room rates come with full board catering, with meals selected to compliment the work and rhythms of the day.

Your Hosts

Rebecca and Jess will be your guides on this journey to stillness. They have been running retreats together for over 7 years and have perfected the art providing an experience where you can truly switch off and all of your needs and expectations are met and exceeded leaving you to rest and reset.

As voted by Tatler Spa Guide: ‘Transformational Breath and Yoga Retreat, one of the best retreats in the world.’


  • Lux shared twin £1,750 per person
  • Super lux shared double £2,250 per person
  • Single occupancy £2,700 per person

Please email rebecca@breathingtree.co.uk, or info@jesshorn.com for booking enquiries.  *Massage is not included in the price

The Breathing

You will learn and experience with Rebecca the deep healing benefits of Transformational Breath and practice this progressive self-healing breath work. This can help you let go of any unhealthy breathing habits and release both physical and emotional tension from the body. This can dramatically shift the way you feel in your body and bring higher states of awareness to the mind.

The journey to this space begins by making the most of our ability to breathe. Most assume the autonomic action of everyday breathing is sufficient. The truth is many people breathe in shallow and constricted patterns. The majority of us have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing and we ALL have experiences in life that affect our breathing patterns.

Naturally, as humans, we hold our breath to protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by our feelings and emotions. As this process becomes habitual, we lose the ability to breathe deeply and fully. When we limit the effectiveness of our breathing process this can show up as physical illness, general lack of energy, or feeling emotionally drained, fatigue, and can trigger stress, anxiety and depression.

This powerful technique integrates tools such as hands-on acupressure, sound, movement and coaching to open the breath and allow it to flow more freely. As a result of this our breathing practice becomes the launching pad on a life changing journey. You will be guided throughout the retreat to feel confident enough to take this home and develop your own self practice.

The Yoga

The Yoga and Meditation sessions will be intelligently sequenced to support you through the weeks Transformational Breath sessions. Jess is an experienced teacher and is gifted at reading the energy of the room and providing options that skilfully support you to find a practice that helps balance your body and energy levels. We will explore tools to help us find space within the body and mind and guide us gently on our journey to stillness. Jess teaches with an emphasis on safe alignment, the breath and yoga for the individual.

The morning practices will be a blend of gently flowing movement slowing incorporating longer holds and we will use props where needed to support us. We use a variety of tools including Mantra, mudra and Pranayama in order to help find space around our thoughts and introduce us to meditation. The evening practices will be a variety of Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra to help ease our way to a beautiful nights sleep.

We will explore the powerful yogic concept of Sankalpa or setting intentions and how this profound practice can help you reach your potential and live fulfilling lives. We will also experience delicious yoga nidra – a deeply relaxing technique that’s a phenomenal way to plant the seed for change in your life.

Rebecca Dennis – Founder of Breathing Tree

International author, qualified breath coach, public speaker and workshop leader, Rebecca Dennis is the founder of Breathing Tree and her practice is based in London. In her past life she worked in the media industry and discovered this work over ten years ago. She has since been continually inspired by the simple power of our breath and how it can change lives including her own.

With 25 years of holistic and alternative therapy training, she studied Transformational Breath with founder Judith Kravitz in Mexico and Miami which is by far the most powerful healing technique she has come across. She has since continued to work with and learn from other influential masters of breathwork and healing modalities around the world. Featured by BBC Radio, Vogue, Tatler, The Telegraph, Grazia and Psychologies. Her mission is to teach as many people as she can how they to empower their lives and improve their physical and mental wellbeing by simply changing the way they breathe.

Rebecca specialises in treating issues such as stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma, sleeping and focus issues, lack of energy and physical problems. She continues to study with inspirational teachers from all over the world and fervently believes that conscious breathwork is the ultimate key to our well-being, health and inner peace. Rebecca is extremely intuitive in the reading the body and understands what it is the client needs to shift and release in order to move forward.

Jess Horn – Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Jess qualified as a yoga teacher over 10 years ago and has been practicing for nearly 20. During this time her love for Yoga led her to study with many inspirational teachers and study many different types of yoga and she is immensely grateful to her teachers.

Most recently Jess has found her spiritual home in ISHTA yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) and is now an Advanced Teacher – E-RYT 500hr, ISHTA Certified Teacher.

She was originally drawn to yoga for its physical benefits but continues to be fascinated by the many deeper layers yoga has to offer such as Eastern philosophy, Ayurveda, Breath work, Meditation, Mantra and Mudra.

Jess skilfully provides a space in her classes where everyone feels comfortable and can challenge themselves safely, whether they are beginners or more experienced yogis. She hopes her classes encourage more awareness, so people can connect more mindfully with their bodies, each other and our environment.

Jess teaches on the ISHTA London Teacher Trainings. Has been featured several times in Yoga Magazine, OM Magazine and collaborates regularly with Yoga Matters.

‘Breathing is the new yoga. This book (And Breathe by Rebecca Dennis) is a must-read’ – Vogue

‘Britain’s leading Transformational Breath coach, the woman behind the leading health trend for 2017’ – Daily Mail

‘Your platinum service will be a visit to breath coach, Rebecca Dennis, satisfied clients include a boxer who regained his title after improving his breathing patterns and a CEO who stopped having panic attacks.’ – GQ Magazine