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With Rebecca Dennis & Aimee Hartley, Jess Horn and special guest, EFT Master, Jemima Eames. The October Gallery, London. July 9th – 130pm to 730pm

Yoga, Transformational Breath, EFT and Meditation.

Founders of www.inspirationspace.co.uk Rebecca Dennis, Aimee Hartley and Jess Horn will be joined by EFT Master Jemima Eames, combining powerful therapies for a deep and unique experience encouraging the mind and body to let go and rejuvenate. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is also known as ‘tapping’. It’s described as “acupuncture without the needles” and is a process of gently tapping on specific points on the head and hands. This clears blockages in the energy system, releasing physical and emotional pain from the body.

EFT is used by millions of people worldwide for many diverse issues such as stress, anxiety, phobias and physical pain. It often works when other treatments have failed. Once you’ve learnt the basic tapping sequence which you will learn in the workshop, you have a brilliant, easy and effective tool for life. During the session you will learn about the subconscious mind, where our behaviour comes from and how to use tapping to create a stress-free life.

The afternoon will begin with Jemima Eames taking you through a session of EFT and then Yoga Teacher, Jess Horn will lead a short but carefully designed movement and stretching sequence to ground us and open up the respiratory system, allowing us to fully arrive for our practice. Modifications will be given to make it suitable for all bodies.

Then Aimee Hartley & Rebecca Dennis will take you on a powerful journey with your breath. You will learn and experience the deep healing benefits of Transformational Breath and practice this progressive self healing breath work. This can help you let go of any unhealthy breathing habits, such as breath holding, shallow breathing and over breathing and release both physical and emotional tension from the body. This can dramatically shift the way you feel in your body and bring higher states of awareness to the mind.

Benefits of improving your breathing:

· Open your breath and expand your awareness
· Feel more energised and revitalised
· Let go of old emotions and gain a sense of freedom
· Release anxiety and alleviate depression
· Develop a strong connection with your true self
· Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others
· Become aware of emotions halting your emotional growth
· Develop a new dimension to your yoga practice

The afternoon will be topped off with a beautiful meditation by Yoga Teacher Jess Horn to leave you feeling balanced, connected and at peace.

Exhale Sessions will be held by Yoga Teacher Jess Horn and Breathing Facilitator’s Aimee Hartley and Rebecca Dennis, co-founders of Inspiration Space with special guest EFT Master, Jemima Eames.

“Transformational breathing is truly transformational – it has cleared my asthma and I feel so happy, full of energy. The breath work truly helps you clear away stress and anxieties both current and old one. After just a few sessions I felt reinvigorated, lighter and happier.”

“I had asthma before starting the TB but I no longer need to use my inhalators. Rebecca is a wonderfully, very gifted breath coach. She is very caring and will gently help you reclaim your breath so your body and mind will work at its optimum. I have highly recommended her to all my friends and family and they have all had glowing reports.” Maria, London

“I found Aimee’s approach to transformational breathing to be accessible and engaging. My experience was that working with Aimee was stimulating to mental creativity, and physically, and I experienced a terrific sense of well-being at the end of each session. It is certainly something I have added to my regular wellness regime.” Zoe, London.

I have helped hundreds of people from all around the world to release their stress and anxiety since I first started tapping in 2009.  I suffered daily with anxiety and was diagnosed with depression at the age of 21. I was put on anti-depressants and sent to see a counsellor. Although this was what I needed at the time, it didn’t offer a long-term solution for me. Slowly over the next 8 years I saw various counsellors and therapists, each helping me take another step. When I discovered tapping, my life improved dramatically almost overnight! – Jemima Eames, EFT Practitioner

It took me a while to understand at first, but when I discovered the power and effectiveness of EFT I was hooked! I went on to train with Karl Dawson – EFT Master and creator of Matrix Reimprinting – and was blown away by what I learnt from him. I have been tapping ever since.
It worked so well for me that I just had to share it with the world. I went from being too scared to stand with the other mum’s at the school gate, to being a Governor. I now give talks and run workshops and have no fear in social situations anymore. This is all down to EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. I soon became a practitioner and now I get to tap every day. I love it!

I am passionate about what I do and I am an experienced and extremely effective practitioner. I had begun training to be a counsellor when I discovered EFT. This background, easy rapport and strong empathy lead to quick, long-lasting and deep resolution of often long term issues.
I can help you to change your life for the better.

Jess, co-founder of Inspiration Space and owner of www.jesshorn-yoga.co.uk is a British Wheel and Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher and has been taught by some of the finest teachers from around the globe including Sean Corne, Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Adhil Palkilava and Claire Missingham.
Originally practicing Ashtanga yoga, she has also trained in Iyengar, Restorative and Yin and now teaches a blend of gently flowing, breath led and alignment based classes. She strongly believes in the transformative power of yoga and in helping students to discover tools to connect more deeply and mindfully with their bodies bringing more awareness into their practice and into their lives. She is a strong advocate that yoga shouldn’t be taken too seriously and should put a huge smile on your face and in your heart! – JESS HORN, YOGA TEACHER


The October Gallery, London. July 9th – 130pm to 730pm