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Unlock your potential and optimize your physical, mental and emotional health with one of the world’s leading techniques for personal healing and change; Transformational Breath.

This powerful 3-part transformational breath work series will take you on a journey through breath and sound and will be supported by ongoing mentoring to encourage you to integrate the benefits of this practice in to everyday life.

Session 1: Thursday 17th May – 7:30 – 9:30pm– Introduction to Transformational Breath

Session 2: Thursday 7th June – 7:30 – 9:30pm –  Heart Opening*

Session 3: Thursday 16th August – 7:30 – 9:30pm –  Deepening Connection To Self*

* Please note: This event is intended to be booked as a series although drop in spaces are available. For session two & three we are only taking participants who have experienced this type of work before by either taking part in a Transformational Breath® workshop  or a one on one.

Are you ready to dramatically shift the way you feel in your body and bring higher states of awareness? What would you do with more energy? Do you have a desire to connect to who you really are and the world around you? The journey to this space begins by making the most of our ability to breathe. Most assume the autonomic action of everyday breathing is sufficient. The truth is many people breathe in shallow and constricted patterns. The majority of us have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing and we ALL have experiences in life that affect our breathing patterns.

Naturally, as humans, we hold our breath to protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by our feelings and emotions. As this process becomes habitual, we lose the ability to breathe deeply and fully. When we limit the effectiveness of our breathing process this can show up as physical illness, general lack of energy, or feeling emotionally drained, fatigue, and can trigger stress, anxiety and depression.

Rebecca Dennis, International author of And Breathe, breath coach, workshop leader and public speaker is the founder of www.breathingtree.co.uk. She studied Transformational Breath with founder Judith Kravitz in Mexico and US and other influential teachers. Featured on BBC Radio, Tatler, The Telegraph, Grazia and Psychologies she collaborates on projects with major brands on mindfulness and breath awareness. In her past life she worked in the music and media world and when she discovered the breathwork nearly ten years ago it changed her life completely. She continues to study with teachers from around the world and now works full time with the breath seeing clients with various issues including breathing issues, stress, anxiety, addiction, abuse, depression, ME, respiratory problems, trauma, sleeping patterns, focus, lack of energy, physical problems and low self-esteem.

Stuart Sandeman will be holding the space with Rebecca and is a Transformation coach and breath facilitator. He is founder of newly launched Breathpod and director at global coaching organization Mindful Talent. He helps individuals, groups and businesses to reach their full potential and has delivered one-to-one sessions and workshops to businesses including Google, Nike, Sky, Virgin and Dropbox. Stuart has a professional background in sales and finance, has travelled the world as an international DJ and has a lifetime of experience in competitive sports.

What to expect from this 3-part series

During the series we will observe your breath to identify any ineffective or restrictive patterns. This tells us where any physical, mental & emotional blocks or stresses may be held. We then use tools such as hands-on acupressure, sound, movement and coaching to open the breath and allow it to flow more freely.

When breathing is full, open and connected “activation” occurs, creating a high vibrational frequency in the body.  Any blocked or low vibrational energy held in our cellular memory such as old unfelt emotions, negative thoughts and unresolved traumas starts to synchronise with the high vibration of the breath and integrate into our current life experience. As a result of this integration, our breathing practice becomes the launching pad on a life changing journey.

What to expect from Session 1Introduction to Transformational Breath

In session 1 you will learn and experience the deep healing benefits of this cutting edge self-healing technique. This can help you let go of unhealthy breathing habits – such as shallow breathing – have a deeper understanding of breath patterns and release both physical and emotional tension from the body.

• Feel energized
• Let go of old emotional baggage and gain a sense of freedom
• Release anxiety and alleviate stress and depression
• Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your happiness
• Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth
• Develop a new dimension to your yoga, running and other practices
• Experience deeply nourishing relaxation
• Open your breath and expand your life

Please note: This event is intended to be booked as a series although drop in spaces are available. For session 2 and 3 we are only taking participants who have experienced this type of work before by either taking part in a Transformational Breath workshop or a one on one.

Cost: £80 for the series or £30 drop in

Please email Katie@42ACRES.com to book your ticket.